Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is MultiSight?

    MultiSight is a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution that leverages the power of video to deliver operational efficiency to retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and other multi-location businesses. Learn More

  • Do you send all of my video to the cloud?

    MultiSight is a hybrid solution. We store all video locally, and we save to the cloud the video that is most important to you.

  • How many cameras do you support?

    Our base package is 3 cameras. Our average customer has 8 to 16 cameras per location. The good news is that we have no upper limit on the number of cameras or the number of locations — let us know what you need!

  • How many days of storage do I get?

    For local recording, there are multiple variables that determine the retention time. On average, we store 30 days of recording locally (Extended local storage time is available—please contact us to learn more.) In addition, included in your service you have one year of unlimited cloud-based storage.

  • I already have cameras. Can I use these with your service?

    The MultiSight cameras are purpose-built for an end-to-end cloud solution. This approach allows us to monitor, update, and add new, cutting-edge features to your system; thus we do not support third party cameras.

  • Do you monitor my video for me?

    We monitor the health and connectivity of all your cameras and recorders. However, we do not monitor your video for security or operational issues.

Features / Capabilities

  • Do your cameras work outdoors?

    Yes, we have an outdoor weatherproof enclosure for our camera so that it’s protected from the elements. Learn More

  • Do your cameras work in low light settings

    MultiSight cameras operate effectively down to a twilight level (1 lux) of illumination.

  • Do you record audio?

    MultiSight does not currently support audio recording and playback. Our service continues to evolve, and new features are added all of the time.

  • Can I burn video to a DVD/thumb drive? How do I export video?

    This is one of MultiSight’s great strengths. You don’t need to deal with old-school storage devices like DVDs or thumb drives; your video clips are in the cloud. The MultiSight app lets you share video from anywhere, anytime, by simply sending a link. It is as easy as sending a text message. See a sample clip here

  • Do you have analytics?

    MultiSight has been designed with operational efficiency in mind, focusing on actionable intelligence for multi-location businesses. Our suite of analytics includes motion detection, people counting, heat mapping, and highlight reels. With our enterprise cloud-based infrastructure, we continuously add and develop new analytic features to meet our customers’ needs.


Pricing / Purchasing