MultiSight IP camera systems for C-stores

Multi-location convenience stores use MultiSight VSaaS for more than retail loss prevention. Learn how MultiSight’s security camera app can improve your convenience store operations.

MultiSight powers leading C-Stores around the world

More than a Security Camera App

With MultiSight VSaaS, you have easy access to store video and retail analytics wherever you are.

  • Keep Tabs on Your Stores

    Call up video on your phone or tablet and make sure your stores are running smoothly.

  • A Snap to Learn

    MultiSight is easy to use. No need to attend training or read a user manual—just get it and go, just like your stores.

  • More Than Video; Retail Analytics You Can Use

    Motion analytics are built into MultiSight, enabling powerful video search tools. For a small additional cost, you can add analytics that provide traffic counts and generate maps of customer movements within the store.

Sharing video has never been this easy.

What our customers are saying

  • boyett petroleum

    “I've looked at more video in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past 3 years and every time I do I see something different that needs attention ”

    –Scott Castle, VP of Retail Operations, Boyett Petroleum

VSaaS Designed for Multi-Location Convenience Stores

MultiSight is more than a security camera app; it’s a set of tools to help you manage convenience store operations remotely. C-stores are often in remote, isolated locations. With MultiSight at every site you can coordinate with police and other authorities without traveling to the store.

Video Evidence When You Need It

In some c-store locations, network performance may be limited. MultiSight delivers HD video over low bandwidth to your phone or tablet so you can quickly resolve incidents such as:

Theft of fuel or merchandise

ATM or credit card fraud

Sales of alcohol & cigarettes

Slip and fall claims

Vendor invoicing disputes

Employee productivity

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MultiSight can help your organization grow

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