A surveillance camera app made for business.

Designed with input from retailers like you, MultiSight's suite of apps and analytics help you manage your stores, wherever you are

MultiSight powers leading brands around the world

A surveillance camera app that delivers analytics in the palm of your hand

  • multisight people counting

    People Counters

    Traffic trends provide immediate feedback on the performance of your business. Compare one location against another to visually see how your stores are performing.

  • multisight heatmaps

    Heat maps

    Heat maps offer vital visual feedback about customer traffic in your stores. Run A/B tests to evaluate new displays and layouts.

  • multisight people counting

    Traffic Trends

    Help you manage labor costs and check the effect of marketing campaigns. Create charts to compare trends over time. Or compare traffic in different stores, and identify outliers.

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Put video to work for your whole company

share video multisight

Not just a security camera app

Accessible to groups outside of security and LP. Operational data supports Marketing, HR, Sales and Operations.


Unlimited users

With use by all levels within the organization, from corporate HQ to district managers to on-site staff, the service continuously pays for itself.

multisight views


MultiSight Views let you quickly check the same scene of interest across ALL of your locations. Answer questions with a single tap.

What's happening at the cash register? Are all sales floors properly staffed? Are all back doors secured? And what's going on in the back office?

spotcheck operations multisight


Spotcheck operations throughout a shift, peak period, or other timeframe of interest. Each customer defines their own shifts, to fit their specific store environment.

With predefined shifts and smart scrubbing controls, operational reviews have never been easier.

multisight highlight reels clip


Use highlight reels to monitor activity in areas of interest at specific times of day. Sample clips are automatically packaged into an easy-to-consume video playlist.

Another unique tool in your store management toolbox!

find event motion analytics


When there's an event at one of your stores, we make it easy for you to get to the video.

Select date and time, then use the scrubber and built-in motion analytics to get to the right spot without delay.

save library multisight


See something interesting? Want to keep a copy for future reference? Just tap the Create a Clip button, set the start and end points, and tap Create.

Your 720p clip goes to the cloud, where it can live for up to a year. From here, it can be easily shared with others.

A surveillance camera app for any device

Grows with your business

Your business is continuously growing and evolving—adding locations, redrawing districts, changing personnel.

MultiSight is right there with you, every step of the way.

New Store Openings

Give us a call and we'll get the new store outfitted and online in no time.

Hundreds of Locations

Not a problem. Our service has no upper limit on the number of stores we support.

Employee Turnover

Add, remove, and edit users all from a simple web-based user interface.

What our customers are saying

  • milano blast pizza

    “MultiSight lets us instantly add or remove user access to any store. Video has helped us tighten up operations and improve customer service.”

    –A. Thomas Ferdinandi, COO, Milano Restaurants International

Your entire organization wants video

User management, employee turnover, and BYOD

Highlight Reels

Your custom playlist of video from your stores

MultiSight can help your organization grow