The MultiSight Difference

MultiSight is a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution that leverages the power of video to deliver operational efficiency to retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and other multi-location businesses.

The MultiSight Difference

Video Anywhere, Anytime

We provide instant access to HD video on any device. Our outstanding picture quality allows you to see across all your locations with just a tap, so you can view and share incidents quickly and easily.

Beyond Security

MultiSight isn’t just for security. Our video and essential analytics give you real time insight into your business operations. As many users as you’d like with no per user fees. Ever.

Enterprise-Scale Solution

Centrally manage all of your locations, users, and settings, simply and securely. With unlimited cloud storage you have the strength of an enterprise-scale solution, without the IT headache.


With our unique OPEX business model we handle everything. We provide the equipment. We install. We onboard. We monitor health. We update. We service. And we support you 24/7.

Easy to Use

Open the app and instantly see your video. No training required. Optimized for quick and easy mobile access. Even non-security users will be pros in no time.

Built for Growth

One login, unlimited locations. No upper limit on the number of cameras per location. Feature set grows over time. Hardware refresh upon contract renewal.

How Do We Stack Up?

MultiSight Traditional Video Retail Analytics
Video + Analytics Video Only Analytics Only
Video Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone
Beyond Security
Ease of Use

What our customers say

Milano Restaurants Int'l

Essential management tool for managers on the go


Operational analytics + video for every department

Boyett Petroleum

Scalable security for a growing organization